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1997-2012 Selected Client Engagements
Lumber Producer Alabama G-4 • Family dissention
  on strategic issue
• On-going liquidity program
Communication Company California G-3 • Family Governance
• Generational liquidity
• Inter-generational Family Buy-In
  with Private Equity source
Community Bank California G-3 • Early death of
  principal shareholders
• Valuation
• Family Buy-out
Poultry Products California G-3
• On-going liquidity
  for G-4
• Periodic Redemption Program
Chemical Packaging Connecticut G-1 • Liquidity for
  Two Owners
• Private Equity recapitalization
• Strategic Sale
Dairy Connecticut G-3 • Generational Ownership
• Advised on strategic options
Equine Products Connecticut G-1 • Growth Capital
• Management Control
• Recapitalization and
  management buy-out
Jewelry Producer Connecticut G-2 • Strategic turn-around • Strategic consulting and
  debt refinancing
Leathergoods Manufacturer Connecticut G-2 • Wealth planning
• Valuation harvest
• Strategic Sale
Mineral Mining and Marketing Connecticut G-1 • Growth Capital • Strategic Partnership with
  Asian producer
Private Aircraft Operation Connecticut G-1 • Growth Capital
• Management Succession
• Strategic Sale
Pump Manufacturer Connecticut G-4 • Strategic Positioning
• Liquidity for early generation
• Preferred Stock Recapitalization
• Merger with European
• Family Office/Holding Co.
Spring Manufacturer Connecticut G-3 • Strategic Opportunity • Strategic Sale
Agriculture Florida G-3
• Liquidity for one branch
• Control/Governance structure
• Annual redemption fund
• Family council representation
  on the board
Hotel Operator Florida G-4 • Generational Harvest
• Project Financing
• Strategic Partnership
Electric Contractor Georgia G-2 • Financing need for
  New Opportunity
• Refinancing of existing credit facilities
  with new availability
Real Estate Development
& Heavy Equipment Sales & Leasing
Georgia G-2 • Strategy Planning and Liquidity • Implementation of Liquidity Program
Corporate Furniture Manufacturer Illinois G-1 • Growth capital for
  acquisition opportunity
• Patient capital
Health Care Facilities Iowa G-2 • Capital Structuring
• Control & Governance
• New Capital Structure
• New Governance Processes
Senior Care Facilities Iowa G-1 • Growth & Liquidity Capital • Raised $50MM of growth and liquidity
  capital from a patient capital source
• Debt refinancing
Equipment Manufacturer Massachusetts G-3 • Lack of Succession • Strategic Sale
Paper Forms and Carbon Paper Massachusetts G-3 • Strategic Positioning
• Liquidity for Shareholders
• Strategic Sales
Paper Manufacturer Massachusetts G-7 • Identify Shareholders Objectives • Survey of Shareholders
• Valuation of Business
Plastics Extruder Massachusetts G-3 • Global Growth Opportunities • Strategic and Financing Plan
Automotive Parts Michigan G-2 • Growth Capital • Debt facility refinancing
Cereal Manufacturer Minnesota G-4 • Dissention among
  Family Branches
• On-going liquidity programs
Grain and Agricultural Commodities Minnesota G-4
Evaluation of:
• Global Wealth
• Liquidity Options
• Proposal of liquidity options
• Family Office and Board
  Governance and Succession
Aerospace Parts Missouri G-3
• On-going liquidity • Company-Sponsored loan program
• Annual Redemption program
• Opportunity Fund
Investment Casting Company New Hampshire G-4 • Liquidity for inactive
• Dutch-Auction liquidity program
Educational Company New Jersey G-1 • Management Succession • Strategic Sale
Household Organizational Products New Jersey G-1 • Shareholder Liquidity • Strategic Sale/Merger
Steel Erection company New Jersey G-2 • Strategic Planning & Liquidity • Patient Capital and Strategic Partner
Batteries Manufacturer New York G-1 • Retirement of
  Principal Owner
• Strategic Sale
Commercial Building Sprinklers NY/South Carolina G-3 • Strategic Planning
 & Liquidity
• Patient Capital and
  Strategic Partner
Fuel Oil Distributor New York G-2 • Growth Capital &
  Bank Refinancing
• Patient Capital and debt refinancing
Fuel Services New York G-2 • Shareholder Liquidity • Strategic Sale/Merger
Paper Manufacturer New York G-3 • On-going liquidity issues • Multiple liquidity programs
School Bus Operator New York G-2 • Growth & Liquidity Capital • Sold an underperforming
  business segment
Sprinkler System Manufacturer New York G-3 • Financing needs for
  new facility
• Management succession
• Ongoing liquidity
• Secured debt refinancing
• Patient Capital
Automotive Parts Ohio G-3 • Strategic Positioning • Strategic Sale of Company
Construction Company Ohio G-3 • Immediate Liquidity
• Growth Capital
• Spin-off and Sale of Subsidiary
• Private Equity infusion
Diversified Family Holding Company Ohio G-2 • Strategy Planning
  and Liquidity
• Business Performance
• Investment Direction
• Restructuring
• Strategic Sale/Merger
Landscaping Business Pennsylvania G-2 • Conflict between active
  and inactive G-2's
• Shareholder Buy-out
  with Private Equity partner
Oil Refinery Pennsylvania G-1 • Debt refinancing • Strategic financial advice
Real-Estate Development Pennsylvania G-4 • Growth Capital • Patient Capital injection from Family Office
Steel recycling company Pennsylvania G-1 • Shareholder liquidity
• Management succession
• Family Buyout
Tableware Producer Pennsylvania G-3 • Liquidity for inactive
• Family dissention
• ESOP Recapitalization
Furniture Manufacturer Rhode Island G-3 • Strategic/Financial
  positioning of Business
• Strategic and financing plan
Sprinkler Systems Manufacturer South Carolina G-3 • Evaluation of
  Shareholder's objectives
• Growth Capital
• Valuation and shareholder survey
• Debt refinancing
Energy Services Texas G-1 • Growth Capital • Patient Capital injection from Family Offices
Homebuilding Stores Washington G-4
• On-going liquidity
• Family Governance
• Annual Redemption Program
• LLC Recapitalization
• Co-Sponsored Loan Program
• Opportunity Fund
Real Estate Holding Washington G-4
• Generation Succession
• Control Structure
• Holding Company Recapitalization
Frozen Food Manufacturer Wisconsin G-2
• Growth capital needs
  for new plant
• Shareholder dissention
  on risk/reward
• Secured Private Equity solution for
  growth and liquidity
Ink Manufacturer Brussels, Belgium G-2 • Growth Capital for China   Project
• Family Governance
• Patient Capital infusion from Family Office
• New Family Council Structure
Leathergoods Manufacturer Brussels, Belgium G-2 • Growth Capital • Capital infusion from multi-family office
Windows Manufacturer Canada G-3 • Growth Capital
• Governance Structure
• Strategic Partnership
• Install Family Council
Tiles and Sanitary Ware Bogota, Colombia G-4 • Family Council
• On-going liquidity needs
• Shareholder Redemption Program
• Shareholder Loan Program
• Restructuring of Family Council
Apparel Manufacturer Medellin, Colombia G-3 • Family Discord • Family Buy-out
Sugar Producer Guatemala G-4 • On-going liquidity • Shareholder loan program
• Recapitalization
Shipping Conglomerate Oslo, Norway G-4 • Control and Governance
  dissention among
  family branches
• Real Estate diversification
• Split-up of business
  interests between branches
• Holding company recapitalization
Financial and Real-Estate Holding Geneva, Switzerland G-4 • On-going liquidity needs
• Growth Capital for
  Real-Estate Projects
• Annual Redemption Program
• Company Sponsored Loan Program
• Holding Companies Structuring