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Equity Capital

Our Equity Capital raising services include identifying, structuring, and negotiating long term equity capital from a variety of sources. Equity capital is typically utilized for growth capital, recapitalizations, acquisitions, minority investments and supportive capital for debt refinancing. We specialize in longer term, more patient sources of capital that provide business owners with the flexible structures they need to address more business growth opportunities. Patient capital sources include family offices, hedge funds, individual investors and institutional investors.

de Visscher Advisors advises clients from the initial stages of identifying shareholder goals and objectives to the design and implementation of the most effective capital raising strategy through to the negotiation and final execution, based on the most effective strategy that balances the liquidity needs of shareholders with the capital needs of the business. Once the strategy has been established, we identify appropriate capital partners and negotiate specific terms and conditions to execute a transaction that meets our clients’ goals and objectives.

Patient Capital Financing

Our extensive experience in financing family businesses has enabled us to develop a proprietary database of over 500 sources of “patient capital” for family owned and closely held businesses. Patient capital sources are unique in their flexible financing structures and often have longer investment horizons than most traditional private equity investors.

These "Family Friendly Capital" sources have been individually screened and are highly sensitive to the specialized capital requirements of family businesses. Patient Capital sources include:

  • Family Offices
  • Hedge Funds
  • Individual Investors
  • Financial Institutions
  • Boutique Private Equity Funds

Family Capital Partners was established by de Visscher & Co. to match the long-term capital needs of Family Businesses with the long-term direct investment preferences of Family Offices ("Patient Capital")

Below are some clients for whom we provided Equity Capital Raising Services:

Stratcor Velocity Print Solutions Online Home Organization
Pitcairn Properties Life Care Services LLC Outdoor Recreational Products Manufacturer