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Financial Consulting Services

We identified various estate planning, liquidity and control structures, such as the use of recapitalization, redemptions, GRAT’s, Family Limited Partnerships and LLC’s.

US Building Products Manufacturer

Our firm worked with one of the largest fabricators of overhead, commercial building products and systems from planning to execution. Over the past six years we have outlined the options or alternatives to allow the family business owners to balance their business growth capital and shareholder liquidity needs. In the process we executed valuation work, a financing to support a major relocation of the manufacturing operation, the redemption of inactive shareholders and a management succession financing.

Leasing and Real Estate Development Company

Our firm worked with an equipment leasing and real estate development company to evaluate strategic liquidity options. After a shareholder evaluation phase, de Visscher & Co. assisted the Company in crafting a liquidity plan centered around balancing the liquidity needs of shareholders with the capital needs of the business. de Visscher helped devise a strategic approach that will help establish short-term and ongoing liquidity opportunities while maintaining the capital needed to grow the Company’s various businesses.

Family Office

Our firm worked with a Family Office based in Cleveland, OH to evaluate strategic options for its investments which include assisted living properties and publishing companies. de Visscher & Co. evaluated shareholder objectives and conducted a fundamental analysis of the Company’s holdings to help devise a long term strategy for the Family’s current portfolio.

Latin American Apparel Company

Our firm provided consulting services to a major Latin American manufacturer and marketer of women’s apparel. The family owners were experiencing conflict stemming from the second generation of family shareholders’ divergent points of view and degrees of management participation within the company. de Visscher & Co. surveyed all of the shareholders, analyzed and reported upon their views and objectives related to liquidity, diversification, family employment, and governance. de Visscher & Co. then developed family governance systems and policies as well as formal liquidity programs for shareholders that allowed the family to regain focus on its business.

Integrated Agricultural Concern

Our firm assisted one of the oldest and largest family-owned integrated agricultural companies in reviewing capital and liquidity alternatives available to the shareholders and the company. de Visscher’s work to understand shareholder preferences through surveys was linked to a review of the all business unit strategies and their potential for value creation. Based upon the combined input, de Visscher & Co. evaluated for the shareholders and management the degree of congruence between the growth capital needs of the business and shareholder liquidity preferences and ways in which various capital and liquidity alternatives could bridge growing demands on capital in a time of slowing growth.

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