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Strategic Affiliates
Resources for Family Business Owners

Business Growth Alliance

de Visscher & Co., LLC is co-owner, Founding Member of Business Growth Alliance (BGA), an International Affiliate Network of seasoned, professional services firms, which are dedicated to providing growth advisory and investment banking services to middle market and family-owned companies and their principals.


PATHNORTH draws its members from CEOs and principal owners of middlemarket companies and those in comparable leadership positions. PATHNORTH members interact with a variety of accomplished business and thought leaders whose insights and life journeys will challenge and inspire us, while broadening our definition of success.


Pitcairn Financial Group

Pitcairn is one of the leading multi-family offices, dedicated to helping families sustain and grow their substantial, often complex financial assets and supporting the unique heritage of its clients across multiple generations. Pitcairn has been recognized as an innovator and leader in the multi-family office industry since its inception as a family office in 1923. Today, Pitcairn continues to redefine the family office experience for generations of the world’s wealthiest families.

The Family Firm Institute

The Family Firm Institute (FFI) is an international professional membership organization dedicated to providing interdisciplinary education and networking opportunities for family business and family wealth advisors, consultants, educators and researchers and to increasing public awareness about trends and developments in the family business and family wealth fields.

Family Business

A magazine exclusively for family company owners, managers and professionals.

The Family Business Network

The Family Business Network is committed to giving and sharing experiences and insights in an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust.

The UMass Family Business Center

The UMass Family Business Center assists family companies to recognize common problems and find solutions to their unique challenges. is a non-profit organization hosted by one of the world's most respected family business educational institutions, Northeastern University's Center for Family Business.


Loedstar specialises in independent training programmes, seminars and conferences for business-owning families, family offices, private foundations and wealthy individuals.

Transition Consulting Group

Transition Consulting Group, Ltd facilitates the process of change that helps family and closely-held businesses successfully navigate the unique challenges that evolve when family dynamics merge with business operations.  As one family business consulting to another, our unique dual-generational approach helps ensure competitive sustainability of the family enterprise. When family members work with us to gain greater clarity and insights into troublesome issues, solutions emerge that meet the needs of the business and serve the family for generations to come.

FINH - Fully Integrated Family Business

FINH are Expert Advisers to Family Groups in Business. They represent de Visscher & Co in the Asia Pacific region where they are based. They have a strong reputation within the family business sector throughout the region with particular services based around consulting, investment banking and family capital partners.

FINH's experience covers many disciplines and their  focus is on how they apply in a co-ordinated way for family businesses.